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    Product use:

    This product is PVC resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of additives, the extrusion and injection molding of plastic products. Is mainly used in building water supply and drainage system.

    Product features:

    1, PVC -u pipe fitting, excellent physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance, high impact strength, fluid resistance small, 30% greater than that of the same diameter cast iron pipe flow. Ageing resistance, long service life. According to the ministry of construction of pilot data suggest that using duration of 30 to 50 years, is an ideal material to construction, drainage, sewage.

    2, qualitative light, durable, easy to install, can speed up the construction schedule and reduce the construction cost.

    3, cut down the cost of construction, the use of PVC - U pipes, pipe fittings than using the same specifications of the cast iron pipe system of comprehensive cost is low.

    4, the company's products is given priority to with white, lively, bright color, smooth.

    Technical requirements:


    1, the color is usually white, other colors, may be agreed upon by both parties of supply and demand.

    2, drainage pipes according to GB/T5836.1-92, the building drainage with pvc-u pipe is carried out.

    Pipe fittings

    1, the color is usually white.

    2, pipe fittings should be complete without defect, gate and modified level off, the overflow side should be inside and outside surface of colour and lustre is uniform, smooth, no obvious scar.

    3, pipe according to GB/T5836.1-92, the building drainage with pvc-u pipe fittings.

    Instructions on the use of the drainage pipe fitting:

    Pipeline processing: measuring the length after, can use hacksaw, hand hacksaw, small circular saw blade sawing saws. Should be kept flat on both ends of the cut after, with butterfly file to remove burrs and chamfering, chamfering shoulds not be too big.

    Pipe fitting of the adhesive, adhesive must be assembled before cleaning insert tube tube appearance of about 50 mm length and pipe fittings in the lining of the mouth, with acetone of cotton swab again, and then in the adhesive surface with brush evenly coated with a layer of adhesive, shall not leak. Paint finish or spin to the combination of the ideal Angle, inserted the pipe fitting to undertake, reoccupy hammer knock, make all tubes inserted into the socket, about 2 minutes after no longer apart or conversion direction, wiped the viscose junction extrusion in time to keep them clean.

    Riser each layer in a slip joint, to compensate for reflux pipe heat bilges cold shrink.

    Tee when installation should pay attention to following direction, easy to install in horizontal tube natural slope.

    Riser each storey height within 3 m, consider a pipe hoop. Horizontal tube is every 0.6 m fashion one elevator.

    Buried pipe should be in place by digging groove and pipe fill sand on both sides, not filled with rocks and other hard objects. The ground with cement cover tube head applications.

    Tube color general for white, grey water, also may be decided by supply and demand.

    Water supply standard GB/T10002.1-2006.