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PVC power cable protection tube installation instructions

2012-5-21      View:

PVC pipe fitting are the consumers more fitting product, below is the professional manufacturer to introduce the installation instructions about PVC pipe fitting.

Saw pipe length according to the actual, combined with the connection pipe size determined step by step. Saw pipe tools appropriate chooses serration saws, cutter and cutting machine tools. Fracture should level off, in the cross section can not have any deformation. For bonding pin part number can be used in flat file file into 15 ~ 30 o o groove. The length of the groove is generally not less than 3 mm, the thickness of the groove is 1/3 ~ 1/2 for wall thickness.

After the completion of the groove, debris should be clear and clean. After the socket interface connection, it should be out of adhesive dip in with cotton yarn or dry cloth with a little acetone cleaner scrub clean, etc. According to the performance of the adhesive and climate conditions of static until curing interface. When winter construction curing time should be extended appropriately.