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PVC tubing all kinds of excellent properties

2012-5-23      View:

PVC pipe fitting is new plastic pipe material, has excellent characteristics of replacing the old metal pipes, in regular building plumbing system become the preferred pipes.

Excellent heat resistance, can effectively to adapt to the power cable short circuit made during high temperature;

Excellent insulation: PVC material has excellent insulation is plastic and the volume resistivity, use very safe and reliable;

Excellent flame retardancy, pipe inner surface smooth level off, small friction coefficient, wear resistance and can effectively reduce the damage of the cable in the process of installation, more improve work efficiency;

Excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance: can adapt to all kinds of work in the soil environment, anti-aging makes pipe service life is long;

Contrast is the traditional metal pipe, cement pipe, PVC pipe, light weight, good flexibility, good vibration resistance, do not need to waste of manpower and save time to complete the construction.