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PVC pipe fitting matters needing attention

2012-5-21      View:

PVC pipe fitting before bonding, use dry cloth to bell mouth and socket lateral wipe the handle, when the surface with oil pollution must be with acetone to wipe clean.

Pipe section should level off, vertical tube axis and chamfering processing; Adhesive should draw before insert lines and insert to try. With bonding agent, should daub, PVC pipe fitting socket inside the daub after jack lateral, daub socket should be evenly along the axial from inside to outside right amount, shall not leak or apply too much. Bonding is completed in a timely manner will squeeze out the extra dope rub-up, in curing time shall not force or load by force.

The laid of PVC pipe fitting exquisite horizontal flat vertical wiring principle, a flame retardant PVC wire tube, line pipe online must be fixed in the groove, box and lock the mother should be used when the line pipe, use a corner every 20 cm pipe clamp. Use the PVC pipe fitting, the bend in the spring is bent, must not use 90 degree elbow and tee. Lines when installation, must add convenient casing, use adhesive to connect, casing side meet closely. Straight. Smooth. Right around the corner Angle should be cut inside, incision after cut on one side of the interface of circular arc form, bending the installation.