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The construction of the maintenance of the PVC pipe fitting

2012-5-23      View:

    The connecting way of PVC pipe fitting mainly include o-ring seal, adhesive and flange connection. Pipeline across the sewer or other line, generally use metal pipe, plastic pipe and metal pipe use flange connection. Before and after the valve and pipeline connection are also use flange connection.

When the small-bore pipe using solvent adhesive, must pour socket place small rounded corners, to form a groove, and ensure the smooth fracture and vertical axis, firm bonding of such ability, avoid leaking.

Average diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm PVC tube are aprons interface. Before the installation must be arrange personnel to the pipe socket parts chamfer, also check whether synthetic quality qualified. Install socket must be clean, aprons, etc. Traditional pipe installation of pipe trench excavation requirements can only put the pipe in the trench and for sealing can, in the absence of loose soil, the original can not pressure ramming cushion layer.

PVC pipe fitting, as a new type of non-metallic pipe, use the existing metal pipeline detection equipment, can't detect its location, but if the pipeline buried on the pipe during the construction of embedding a wire can be easily solve the problem.