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PVC tube in daily use and characteristics

2012-5-23      View:

Everyone knows the purpose of the plastic tubing is conveying liquid, solid, gas, and can be used as a wire and cable sheath material and structure. Everyone is the most practical and most common to PVC pipes. The right many prominent advantages.

PVC -u pipe forming, must join to prevent the plastic when high temperature decomposition of stabilizer, and low cost, good thermal stability lead salt stabilizer, become one of the first to use the stabilizer of pipes. But lead to precipitation, separation from the pipes, even at the end of the plastic surface containing lead powder, harm the human body and environment. PVC pipes adopts TS (bonding) interface, the adhesive is hard to ensure that non-toxic, dope inside may contain beneficial to microbial material at the same time, makes an impact on the taste of water and water quality. Talk about lead, lead is a major killer, harm to human and PVC pipes lead, also indirectly the serious influence people's health. The current plastic service pipe containing lead salt has been disabled, around the world appears to lead PVC pipes are disabled is the trend of The Times. So do the pipe outside general meeting with other materials.

Although PVC pipes harmful to human body, but because of its unique advantages and with the continuous development of processing technology, pipe quality gradually improve, form a complete set of equipment technology to further improve. This and the excellent properties of the PVC tube itself are inseparable