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PVC pipe transportation, handling and storage techniques

2012-5-21      View:

       Winter construction, because the temperature is low, PVC -u and -m PVC pipes of impact strength is low, improper handling, transport, easy to make the pipe cracks, scratch, crack, scratch when using pipes, produce stress concentration, cracks make pipes burst (stress concentration of the cracks depends on the sharpness of cracks, the greater the sharpness, the more concentrated the stress).

PVC pipe the best increase in vehicle transport quilt, middle layer with hemp rope is fixed, the arrival of the goods after the site, it is important to note that light, light, send tracking guidance to each link. From the truck to unload, warehouse handling, loading and unloading to the site, and then to the construction site installation, pipe trench laying under the link must be strictly controlled, such as eliminating throws phenomena occur.

In addition, also should pay attention to prevent scratches in the process of loading and unloading of pipe body, avoid the happening of the notch effect, workers do not stand on the tube, stacking height should not be more than 1.5 m