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The quality of PVC pipe fitting differential method

2012-5-23      View:


PVC pipe fitting is a indispensable pipe connection device in our lives, then we when the choose and buy how to discern the stand or fall of it?

Identification of PVC pipe fitting quality first to see the appearance, high quality PVC pipe surface color bright, uniform color, without impurities. And inferior surface of the PVC tube color is not uniform, with impurities. The smell, the high quality PVC pipe no peculiar smell, and inferior PVC tube will emit a strong irritating smell. Finally, look at its flexibility, high quality PVC pipe flexibility is strong, can, spring gasket under arbitrary bending, the inferior PVC pipes in the curved pipe burst.

In front of the PVC pipe installation work, be sure to use hot melt welding machine, and technical construction personnel plane tube and hot melt, this is a good hot melt in order to more accurately calculate time. When installing Angle, must pay attention to the elbow is installed smoothly, to ensure that each bend water flowing water. Testing work should also be in place at the same time, the construction is completed, must be tested every hot melt the integrity of the interface between PVC pipe, to ensure water security.