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The definition and discrimination method of PVC pipes is introduced

2012-5-21      View:

1. The definition of PVC pipe, PVC pipe, UPVC pipe pvc-u pipe, is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, stabilizer and lubricant by hot-pressing method after extrusion, was among the first to get the development and application of plastic tubing. UPVC pipe corrosion resistance is strong, easy to glue, PVC pipe price is low, the quality of a material is solid, but because has a UPVC monomer and additives, is only applicable to transfer temperature is not more than 45 ℃ in the water supply system.

We will not add plasticizer in the processing of PVC products are collectively referred to as UPVC, PVC -u can writing

PVC to drain specifications

PVC water pipe according to the stress level can be divided into: 0.6 MPa, 0.8 MPa. I.O MPa, 1.25 MPa, 1.6 MPa Φ 16-110 commonly used specifications for diameter PVC pipes are divided into spiral sound and light pipe, hollow screw the silencing Φ 50-160 commonly used specifications for the diameter of PVC tube quality about it

1, look at the surface finish, and whiteness.

2, take samples, easy to break is generally high calcium products, of course to meet the requirements of the project can be the price is right.

3, take samples with stamped on the tube side, see if I can crack, split or after the elongation at break.

4, and corrosion resistance. The most direct way is to get high temperature highlights the place for a few days, see surface change rate, but it is a waste of time. Basically see the first 3 items.